WordPress Newsletter Plugin 2015

I wanted to write a short blog post today about newsletters and how growing your email list is one of the important things to do in any business. I’m only just learning this now, after running epic plugins for 2 years. If only I would have started growing my email list earlier on. If I … [Read more…]

What makes plugins sell?

I wanted to touch on something that I see a lot of “press” about. That’s the type of products that are sold with landing pages like the one below But what is much nicer, is my second example. 

Epic Plugins Meets WP Elevation

Ok, I wanted to spend a little time writing an update to what Epic Plugins has been up to (apart from working on updates and new themes). What our focus has been on recently has been to reach outside of our little UK island and aim to touch base with other people in the same … [Read more…]